Chantas Bitches

Sexy bitches strapon fucked and dominated by Mistress Chanta!

Down Bondage Lane

Posted by cucumber On August - 30 - 2012

Mason Moore is the hottest new girl in BDSM porn today. Tough, sexual, flexible, orgasmic and with a body to die for, Lorelei takes her for her first ever trip down bondage lane where she is stripped, whipped, shocked, fucked and forced to cum multiple times. Mason takes it all, and shows her oral skills on a dildo and Lorelei’s wet cunt.

Bound And Dominated

Posted by cucumber On August - 23 - 2012

Newbie Sasha Lexing is introduced to rope bondage and lesbian fucking, including deep anal strapon sex in this BDSM scene! From hard orgasms to nasty painplay with a leather paddle, Sasha discovers she has a love of being bound and of dominant women with strapons!


Posted by cucumber On August - 16 - 2012

Fans of corporal punishment will love this shoot as a partially disrobed Lorelei Lee is tied up and bent over a chair for an intense ass spanking and wooden paddling leaving her red, raw and welted! For taking suck great amount of pain she spends the rest of her session bound on her back being fucked, vibrated and electro-shocked with the violet wand. Before Julie leaves her, she cruelly dumps a bucket of cold water on her!

Hard Day’s Work

Posted by cucumber On August - 10 - 2012

Samantha Sin takes more than she can in this incredibly intense lesbian domination scene where Nika shows no mercy. Hooded in her own clothes while being slapped, flogged and nipple clamped show Samantha that today will be hard-core! On her back, she is double penetrated and ordered to lick pussy and ass. Suspended, all of her holes are fucked with Nika’s large strapon cock. In the end, Samantha’s flexibility is put to good use. She is tied in the splits and ordered to worship Nika’s feet before being granted multiple forced orgasms. This shoot is one for the record books and definitely up there with some of the best hard-core lesbian content ever created!

At The Nurse Station

Posted by cucumber On July - 12 - 2012

Cute, little Riley Shy is caught peering in on Nika’s nurse station at the local hospital so she is pulled in for an exam of the BDSM kind. Stripped, spanked and bound, Nika teaches Riley how to lick pussy. Later, in a kneeling position, Riley pleases Nika’s pussy with a dildo gag, and then her ass with her tongue. The next step in sex slave education is to get fucked! Riley is tied tight and strapon fucked hard on a medical bed. She is also given some electro-shock therapy. In the end, Riley is given a series of forced orgasms while bound!

The Inspection

Posted by cucumber On July - 5 - 2012

Audrey Leigh returns to lesbian fuck and dominate true submissive Cherry Torn in this gorgeous scene filled with beautiful rope bondage. After being ordered to crawl around and worship Audrey’s shoes, Cherry is inspected. Her ass is spanked until red and her nipples are pinched until she screams. Electrodes are then placed on either side of her cunt, shocking the vulva as Audrey pushes in a metal hook. In tight breast bondage, Cherry is flogged before being ordered to please Audrey with a dildo gag. In a final bent-over strapado tie, Cherry demonstrates her hungry cock sucking skills and gets fucked hard by Audrey’s strapon cock.

Misbehaving Slave

Posted by cucumber On June - 30 - 2012

Laila Mason has never been tied up, never been electrified, never been made to lick ass and doesn’t know what a flogger is…so what is she doing in the Factory at the mercy of sadistic and sexual Mistress? Chanta introduces Laila to the pains and joys of BDSM lesbian sex. It becomes clear early on that while Laila has a high pain tolerance she is not at all submissive and even tries to slap Chanta! After being taken down a peg or ten, Laila is fucked hard by Chanta’s strapon cock and given a lesson in how to face slap.

A New Star

Posted by cucumber On June - 21 - 2012

A new bondage superstar may have been found in Sindee Jennings. This hungry slut is more than happy to suffer through Nika’s slapping and harsh words in the hopes of a sexual reward. When vibrated she cums hard, when fucked while tied up she is totally orgasmic and when she has the honor of putting her tongue in Nika’s asshole she does so hungrily and without hesitation. Sindee has all the qualities of a bondage fuckdoll: obedience, sluttiness, pain tolerance and an eagerness to please.

No Rope Here

Posted by cucumber On June - 14 - 2012

No Rope! Mz. Berlin takes Lorelei Lee on a lezdom bondage journey filled with tight restraint using household and hardware store items. Rubber bands, cable ties, cling film and vet wrap all play a part in putting Lorelei in a submissive head space where she will do anything for her cruel Mistress! Spanking flogging, face sitting and fear-play with the cattle prod have Lorelei begging for mercy and it is given to her in the form of fingering, forced orgasms and lesbian fucking.

Ghetto School

Posted by cucumber On June - 7 - 2012

Uptight student Mia Lelani is in for a shock when she attends a ghetto school with a strict Russian Head-Mistress. Nika strips her, whips her, fucks her, teaches her how to suck cock, slaps her hands with a yard stick and sits on her face, and that’s just the first couple of positions in detention! Foot worship, dildo-gag fucking and lots of forced orgasm turn Mia into the bondage whore she was born to be!

Severe Pain

Posted by cucumber On June - 1 - 2012

Trinity is going to have work very hard to keep Chanta impressed today. In metal shackles, she is introduced to 2 kinds of pain before being stripped. An orgasm is ripped from her cunt and she is tied in doggy position for some anal electroplay. Hot wax falls on her asshole and feet as she suffers through the increased voltage. Having a huge orgasm from all of the sensations leaves Trinity exhausted but now it’s time to be anally strapon fucked! Spanked, flogged and whipped until her ass is red, and penetrated until her hole is stretched Trinity can’t help but squirt everywhere. As she doesn’t ask permission for every orgasm, in the end, there is some severe pain waiting for her!

New To Fetish

Posted by cucumber On May - 24 - 2012

Karrlie Dawn is new to fetish and willing to try anything at the talented hands of Phoenix Marie. After being bound, gagged and stripped, Karrlie finds she isn’t into flogging but she loves forced orgasms. In a hogtie, she is shocked from the inside with an electrostim in her cunt. Phoenix gives her a lesson in pussy licking and then fucks her hard with a dildo. With legs spread, Karrlie is strapon fucked until she’s begging for mercy. At the end of it all she is reintroduced to the flogger while clamps hang from her labia. She takes it all and is rewarded with a pussy hook pulling her on to her toes.

Painful Reminders

Posted by cucumber On May - 17 - 2012

Rain says she would like to leave Twisted factory covered in marks and bruises to remind her of her experience here. Nika smiles and goes crazy with the cane, striking the back of Rain’s legs over 60 times, giving her breaks along the way to lick ass and beg for mercy! Rain is certainly a bondage slut. In a partially suspended reverse prayer with clamps on her nipples, labia and a hook in her cunt all she can do is scream and cum. This is one talented whore! Her pussy betrays her at every opportunity, and once the strapon cock comes out, Rain knows she will always be Nika’s bondage fuck doll!

The Bondage Virgin

Posted by cucumber On May - 10 - 2012

Riley Parker is a local girl who has no idea if she likes BDSM. Audrey Leigh returns to us to break in this bondage virgin in a sexy introductory scene. In rope bondage, Riley is flogged, clamped and vibrated. Audrey quickly realizes she can step it up a notch and ties her spread legged, covering her tits in clothespins and her labia with electrical sticky pads. Riley screams as she is shocked but falls in love with the deep fucking from the samurai. On her back, a dildo gag is shoved into her mouth and Riley must learn to please her Mistress. As a reward for suffering so well throughout, Riley is bound in a doggy position and fucked hard by Audrey’s large strapon cock.

A Proper Brit

Posted by cucumber On May - 3 - 2012

Jordan Jagger has come all the way from south-east London for a Twisted education at the hands of Chanta Rose. She’s stripped, tit-slapped, spanked and struck with a yard stick, and that’s only the first 5 minutes. Out comes the rope, and Jordan must balance on a cinder block while being caned, flogged and experiencing her first ever forced orgasm. Electro pads on her huge tits and a samurai buried deep in her cunt send Jordan into sensory overload before she is tied in doggy position and strapon fucked. Jordan may say she doesn’t lick ass but Chanta enters it into the lesson plan, determined to make an ass-eating whore out of this proper Brit before the end of detention!